Not in Berlin, or in Berlin but too lazy to visit bookstores, yet fancy a physical copy of the magazine in your hands? Or simply want to collect (printed) back issues? We hear you!

Here is how you can request printed copies of the desired issue(s):
1. Write us an email indicating which issue(s) and how many copies you would like to receive. We will let you know whether the issue(s) and the number of copies you desired are available.
2. When available, we kindly ask you to transfer 5 euros handling fee (per copy), plus shipping (cost varies depending on the provided shipping address), via PayPal to
3. Once payment is confirmed, the requested issue(s) would be shipped to you within 3 working days.

Request your issue(s): (with subject line: request issues)

"Wait, why should I pay for something that is supposed to be free?" No one should, of course. You are always welcome to visit and get your free copies from the selected bookstores!

first page is a not-for-profit, free-to-take literary magazine. The members of the team work on a voluntary basis, therefore, your understanding of the purpose for the handling fee (plus shipping) is truly appreciated.